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The Heart of United States

November 12th, 2022

New York is the third most populous state in the United States. It is one the major business centers of the world. The state witnessed the horrifying terror attack on the twin towers of the world trade centre on 11th of September,Guest Posting 2001, which change the face of trade and commerce in New York but only for a short period. The state bounced back in no time and recovered from all the monetary loss. New York City is the largest city in state of New York.New York is the 27th largest state by size. Eastern New York is dominated by the Great Appalachian Valley while most of the southern parts of the state are on the Allegheny Plateau. New York City has a very urban and modern atmosphere and environment. However, the state of New York also comprises of farms, forests, rivers, mountains, lakes, etc. The largest park in the United States is New York’s Adirondack Park. New York’s first state park was established in 1885 at Niagara Falls. New York has many parks and two huge forest preserves. New York has a continental and humid climate. The winters in New York are really chilly and cold, the temperature is expected to be approximately -13 degrees or lower. The New York State experiences pleasant warm summers, the approximate temperature in summers being 25 to 30 degrees in most of the parts of the state. New York has the second largest immigration population after California. New York City is the biggest attraction for the migrated population.

The Freedom Tower – Signature of the New World Trade Center Complex

April 1st, 2022

The new World Trade Center complex currently under construction in Manhattan, New York City is a very ambitious project designed to fulfill multiple roles: stand out as a symbol for national strength and freedom, pay homage to the victims fallen during the terrorist acts on 9-11, as well as provide people with thousands of job opportunities and bring a major contribution to the local economy. Regarded as a controversial and challenging concept a few years ago, the new World Trade Center complex has recently begun to take shape, revealing the monumental figure of an infrastructure complex that corroborates latest technology materials and advanced security features with innovative, interesting, modern and unconventional designs. When completed, the complex will comprise the Freedom Tower, three adjacent tall buildings, a residential tower, a museum and a cultural center.

Although the project is far from being completed (the new World Trade Center is expected to be completed by 2012), it has already become very popular worldwide and has generated lots of divergent public opinions. While some people consider the project to be more spectacular and interesting than the previous constructions, others regard it as too ambitious and radical, claiming that the new complex should share more characteristics with its predecessor.

People who aren’t very impressed by the magnitude and the sumptuous character of the new project are concerned about the efficiency and the reliability of the security measures incorporated in the designs. However, the team of architects, engineers and constructors in charge with bringing the colossal, imposing World Trade Center buildings to life have assured everyone that the new complex will not only be impressive through size and aspect, but also through safety and efficiency.

The signature of the magnificent World Trade Center complex is undoubtedly the Freedom Tower (World Trade Center Tower 1), the centerpiece building of the new project. The Freedom Tower has a monumental yet very modern aspect and includes many symbolic features. First of all, the total height of the structure (from its base to the top of the spire) will be 1776 feet, making reference to the year 1776, when the United States Declaration of Independence was established and made public. Once completed, the Freedom Tower will also become the tallest building in the United States (surpassing the Sears Tower in height) and among the tallest buildings in the world.